Earbuzz.com Review

earBuzz Review: Listening to Tony’s album made me think of a phenomena that is very valuable in the live music world – regional love – regional following – and an artist’s dedication to that home as they continue pursuing wider acceptance in the world’s ears.

It’s clear, without any rumor or information – that Mr. Janflone has the hearts of the Pennsylvania audiences he performs for – and perform he does – with generous room provided to his accompanying band, on his Live CD, “Live at the Blues Cafe”. The venue, it is told in the liner notes, has scheduled Tony and his PROXY guitar nearly every Sunday afternoon.. . and apparently the format is well received – imagine that – Sunday afternoon becomes the ideal time for rock/blues in a bar – immediately after services. We can only imagine the turnout for Saturday nights if provided. They come on Sunday, and they come to hear the music.

Tony is an accomplished, gifted, fluid, blues/rock guitarist – ala a couple of Stevedore – Lukather and the God known as Stevie. Janflone’s playing sits in the rhythmic strat pocket during his leads much as Vaughn did – yet, he moves through more ambitious scales on his way to the Luckather comparison – with chromatic passings during flurries and melodies – showing his understanding of key centers, composition, and targeting the emotion while carrying the chord progression in his single lines. His playing is stellar. His voice is passionate. And whether he’s riffing and crying to original tunes like, “Wishing You Didn’t Have to Go”, or covering the two Hendrix familiar “Wind Cries Mary” and “Hey Joe”, Tony’s live licks have all the imprints of a tortured and tremendous guitar communicator. The CD is, of course, live – and his band accompanies him admirably – with room given to both keyboard and sax solos in the process – but we couldn’t wait to get to another Tony break – as his unpredictable finesse through his works kept us on the edge of our ears. Of particular note is the 4 some odd minute guitar solo in “Joe” which begins with a tender entry and finishes with a violent and compelling fury. The CD contains 13 tunes – and he even thrown in an uplifting version of “Mustang Sally”. A guitarist’s guitarist – and soulful performance.