Free Rock, Blues , and Jazz Backing Tracks / Jam Tracks/ Play and Sing along


1. D minor – Dorian Vamp  – Funky  – Steely Dan “Josie” Style

2.  “Boogie On Reggae Woman” Style  Key Of Ab

3. All Along The Watchtower Free Track Jimi Hendrix Style Style- Key B minor

 1. Funky 12 Bar Blues In Bb – Backing Track -Bass and Drums

2. Further On Up The Road -Free G Blues Backing Track

3 .Green Onions  Free Backing Track F Minor Blues Shuffle – Booker T Style

4. The Thrill Is Gone Free Blues Backing Track – B.B. King

 1. “Cantaloupe Island” Style Free Backing Track

2. Blue Bossa Chord Changes – Backing Track

3. John Coltrane Style “Giant Steps” Changes- Bossa Groove