Here’s what people are saying about Tony !

“Pittsburgh guitarist Tony Janflone Jr.’s Live At The Blues Cafe is a well produced live record with sparkling sound quality and a fine setlist ”

The Blues Review April 2001

A guitarist’s guitarist …….His playing is stellar. His voice is passionate.

“This guy (Tony Janflone Jr.) is not only a commanding blues and rock singer but his guitar chops could blow most of the big guitar giants of today off of the stage.”

Patrick Arena , Southern Voice Magazine

“He’s an exceptional player, no doubt about it,”

Guitarist / Composer Pat Metheny

“Guitar Slinger Tony Janflone Jr.’s band puts out a big-town blues sound ……… His voice is soulful and expressive. ”

Phillip Harris , Pittsburgh Magazine

“Fearless , robust and accomplished guitar work.”

Gene Collier , The Pittsburgh Press

“Really nice playing and fine compositions”

Famed guitarist Eric Johnson

“One of our favorite undiscovered talents.”

Kent Zimmerman , The Gavin Report

“I was happy to be a part of Tony’s upcoming record (In Time ), particularly with my good mate John Sferra on drums. Tony’s a gifted musician, and I certainly hope that his career is blessed beyond his dreams”

Phil Madeira (Keyboardist with Phil Keaggy )

“Texas (style) blues guitar-slinger uses pop-blues music as a springboard to play solos that take off into the stratsophere. Funk-flavored pop carries the guitar”

“Janflone’s fretwork display’s a smoothness that surpasses most of his flashy fingered contemporaries. He glides into and out of frenzied riffing , never letting his ego lose sight of a song’s fundamental structure ”

Scott Tady Beaver County Times

Tony Janflone Jr. and his band serve up tasty tunes with his Live At The Blues Café CD.

David Salinger The Mckeesport Daily News