Sessions & Lessons

Study with me right in the privacy of your own home –
no driving to or from lessons

I am teaching private lessons currently via webcam and a program called Skype. I am now accepting a limited number of students, so book your slot now!

What is needed for my Skype Lessons?

Skype is a free program that allows you to have a voice and/or video conference with anyone else who has Skype for free! The program is available here:

You’ll also need a webcam that has a built-in mic, or a separate mic. and headphones . I’ve had great success with the Logitech cameras that sit on top of your monitor. I also recommend a good set of computer speakers with a subwoofer .

If you want to discuss lessons, have further questions or would like to book a slot for lessons, please contact me via email here or call me at : 724-503-2955

Recording Sessions

The guitar tracks on this site were recorded and/or mixed in my studio in Pennsylvania. Send me your song and I can add guitars and send it back, either via the web or standard mail. The fee includes engineering and studio time. Email me for costs and details.I will also produce entire projects (Cds , commercials / jingles , demos …etc…) at my KeyTones Studio.  Email or call 724-503-2955  for more info.